After last week’s somewhat less than shocking news that Liverpool had parted ways with manager Rafa Benitez, speculation has been rife in the press as to who will eventually replace the Spaniard and inherit the undeniably attractive, and yet somewhat poisoned chalice, that currently is the Liverpool managers post.

Of course, if you are a regular gambler, you will know that betting on markets so volatile, ever-changing and prone to wild swings in odds due to press speculation, can be a good way to make a bit of money very quickly! However, it is also a sure fire way to lose it just as quickly when the ‘cast iron certainty’ that you have been told about, turns out to be nothing of the sort!

The markets are a good place to start however and it seems that three names are currently dominating the thoughts of punters.


The favourite, on Betfair at odds of 3.6 is Fulham boss Roy Hodgson. The Cottagers heroics in the Europa League, Hodgson’s vast experience of football across Europe, plus the fact that he has turned Fulham from relegation candidates to European contenders, all on a shoestring budget, ensures that Hodgson has an obvious appeal to Liverpool, given their financial predicament.

The second favourite currently is Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neill (5.9), despite the Irishman recently declaring that he would like to remain at Villa Park. However with reports suggesting that O’Neill had clashed with Aston Villa owner Randy Lerner towards the end of the season and the fact that the Villa boss does not have a long term contract to tie him to Villa Park, means he is an attractive proposition to punters who feel he would be a good fit at Anfield.


Hot on the heels of O’Neill is the rather curious notion that Kenny Dalglish could take over at the club for the second time. It seems somewhat odd that Dalglish could resign from the club due to the stress of managing the team in 1991 and come back nearly twenty years later into a far more pressurised and volatile environment, however the strong link between Dalglish and the club, not to mention the fact that Dalglish’s appointment would be popular with a large contingent of Liverpool fans, means that many see Dalglish’s current position as a caretaker manager and general overseer, until a new manager comes in, may last a lot longer. Dalglish is currently 8.2 on Betfair.

There has been fevered speculation that Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp is also in the frame for the post, but despite the assertions of the Daily Express, it seems unlikely Redknapp would move from the relative security he enjoys at Spurs to the upheaval at Anfield and his odds of 19.5 look about right.


An intriguing bet is Sven Goran Eriksson at 16.5. The Swede recently made his pitch for the job declaring he had always been a Liverpool fan and he is a free man when his tenure managing the Ivory Coast at this summer’s World Cup finals ends. However it is hard to see the Liverpool board being able to match the Swede’s financial demands and Eriksson isn’t a popular choice with many Liverpool fans.

Other names bandied around include Guus Hiddink (40), Jurgen Klinsmann (30), Louis Van Gaal (38) and Frank Rijkaard (40).


Who would I back? Taking all things into consideration, my money would be edging towards Hodgson. He’s done pretty much all he can at Fulham, his wages would be affordable for Liverpool and he is used to operating and being successful on a smaller budget. If I was going to put my money on the line, Hodgson would be my choice.

But in the crazy world of football, nothing would surprise me.